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Engine vibration - excessive? Sounds so - resonates through the dump bed ...

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Am new to Rangers - 2013 Ranger Crew 800 - when idling it seems that there is a vibration that causes a contant noise from the dump bed - when taking off it disappears as the motor revs. Am wondering if my clutch could be causing it. I just changed out the belt to a new one - cleaned the clutch surfaces with scotch bright, dried off, then wiped down with proper Alcohol as well as the belt and install. Runs out better but still have the vibration.

Could it be bad motor mounts? (only 201 hours) Bushings on the hinge of the dump bed?

I am at a loss - very annoying thumping at idle. I will look into posting a video to youtube so you can see and hear what I am talking about.

Am open to any and all suggestions as I want to hunt this down and get rid of it!!

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I have a 2014 800 efi full size and it also has vibration at idle and you can here it in the dump box and tail gate.
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