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Ever cut down a roll bar?

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Has anyone ever shortened a roll cage on a Ranger? I've found a great deal on some enclosed trailers in Muskogee, Oklahoma (Sooner Sales) but the doors aren't tall enough. When I sit in my 07 XP I have 6" of clearance between the top of my head and my new aluminum roof.
Is 3" enough head clearance? Would it make it hard to get in and out of? Would I bump my head on a rough trail?
These trailers have hale damage (Not much at all) and 12' & 14' & 16' are around $2,500.00 with ramp doors double doors are a lot cheaper and they have around 2 or 3 hundred of them. One 16' with double doors was $1,850.00 and I think all of them have the side doors.
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Here is a pic of one of the joints on my original cage set up so it could be taken off, but it's the same thing you would do if you wanted to shorten it. I can tell you it works fine as a permanent change, but is not a feasible solution if you plan to take it apart very often (like ever). I have a set of 6 sleeves if someone wants to pay shipping they can have them. I replaced mine with hinges.

Good luck...
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