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Extended Warranty?

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Hi All,
Found out today my RZR came in on Thursday,[:D] my dealer, unfortunately, wont have it ready until Tuesday.[V][V](Closed on Monday). Was wondering what everyone has done about the optional Polaris extended warranty. My dealer wants about 1100.00 for the 5 year and apx. 750.00 for the 3 year. Is this in line with what everyone else was quoted? I think at least the 3 year is a no-brainer..look forward to your replies. Hope everyone is enjoying their Rzr..will join you soon!!![:D]
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They wanted $835.00 for a 4 year at one dealer. I think someone on the forums got a 4 year for $600.00 I think you can haggle them on the price. I am going to try to get it cheaper.
What do you mean dealer sponsors,who would that be that would sell an extended warranty?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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