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Factory frame defect!!

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Bought a new 2014 900 xp ranger in December 2014. Every option I might ad. Around $23000.00. Lock-n-ride cab, front and back windows, windshield wipers w/washer, winch/winch bumber, led lights,etc. I noticed the front winshield wouldnt latch. I called a couple of friends that just bought similar bike. They said their bike was doing the same thing. One took his bike in for repair. When he got it home he noticed the only thing they did to make windshield lock was to drill out holes bigger at hinge area. I didn't want to chance mine getting patched. After the first of the year, I decided to have mine looked at. The dealership said one of the symptoms of a defective frame was a cracked windshield from the hinge down. The Polaris dealership changed part after part; with the guidence of Polaris technical, they decided it couldn't be fixed. The next option was to change the main frame. So, after 5 months they finally received a new frame for my ranger. The dealership mechanic totally disassembled my bike. Parts and screws in a bucket, motor on the ground, and the wiring harness in another pile. After a week or so, I called to check on it. They were close to finishing my ride. Its still there.... Not sure I need to pick it up because the bike was in the shop 5 months and has been totally taken apart and put back together. Didn"t spend that kind of money for a rebuilt bike!! What are your thoughts. If you own a 2014 ranger 900 xp beware!!!!
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BOTH my windshields latch just fine........

Frame Defect???? That's a first for me !
Hmmm, I had a 14 and the windshield latched fine.
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