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Fault "Overflow" on a 2014 900 Crew

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My ride is right at 6 months old and had a check engine light come on the other day...It sputtered a couple of times and quit...Keyed off, light went out , started up and drove without any more issues...This had happened two times in a three week time frame. I pulled the code and carried to Dealer ..I was told it was a code "over flow" in the computer causing the machine to go into limp mode. One code they siad was where i had had the key on for over 5 minutes listening to the radio for 78 times...The other code was where i had driven with feet on the brake and gas at the same time ( I do this going up rough terrain to prevent me from "hopping" too far over rocks ) this happened 50 somthing times...I just wondered if any one had had a fault "over flow" on their machines causing this engine light/limp mode issue.I am in the process of rewiring my radio to a switch, but surely if the engine builts up these "hits" on the computer over the years I wont have to carry to the dealer everytime I get a "overflow" to reset the light..?? Hope this post kinda makes sense, thanks in advance for any help or comments.
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