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Many of you heard me whinning about the downtime (rebuild) I was getting ready to manage.

I have been [email protected]$##ing 12-14 hour days since the Saturday we got home from our RZR trip. 2.5 million dollars capital investment, 300 construction workers 24/7. These folks look like the industrial version of a Nascar pitcrew. I am delighted to place these stressfull days behind me.

We started going back on line Monday and this is the first evening my phone rang without it being work. We are in a sold-out state and it was vital for us to come back on line with minimal impact. Other than one accident (OSHA recordable) that we encountered Sunday before start up this rebuild is classified as a huge success.

Can't wait to go camping this weekend and relax with some great friends. Then it's time to start burning some comp. time.
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