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Firestorm Heater

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Has anyone else installed the Motto Alliance Firestorm heater in their Midsize Ranger. In doing some searches on the Forum site most have been installed on 700 or bigger. I'm not sure if the install is different on the bigger units or not.If so are you happy with the performance and any tips on the install. I'm having a few issues with mine, intermittent heat, no heat, etc.
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Put one in my 570. Same issues at first. Believe it was some air trapped in heater and or lines. it still takes a while to make heat but when it finally warms up its good until it fully cools down. I filled the lines and heater core with coolant first per the instructions and still had to put a " flush tee" in one of the heater lines to help bleed all the air out. I also unbolted the heater so it could lay down and be lower than my pretty sure I jacked up the front so the radiator inlet was a bit higher on my last try. Good luck! Took me a couple try's to get all the air out.
They are a set of tatou 4s off a Honda rincon. I bought them from the second owner who bought the mounts and adapter/wheel spacers so they would fit his sportsman 850. I modified the mounts so they fit my ranger. I ride with 3 900xp's with tracks and the wheel spacers make my mid size the same width as the full size with tracks. Kinda lucked out on them as they work great! We usually just putt around the woods, but I did run it down the road once and ran 34 mph on gps, so it's no turtle either.
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