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Firestorm Heater

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Has anyone else installed the Motto Alliance Firestorm heater in their Midsize Ranger. In doing some searches on the Forum site most have been installed on 700 or bigger. I'm not sure if the install is different on the bigger units or not.If so are you happy with the performance and any tips on the install. I'm having a few issues with mine, intermittent heat, no heat, etc.
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Thanks Roger, been pretty busy haven't had a chance to look at the forum. I picked up my 500 from Motto Alliance on Thursday. They are designing a Thermostat bypass for the heater, should heat faster and not wait for the fan to kick in, heat faster and longer. Won't be ready till fall but that's fine, Hardwater fishing is over for the most part. What kind of tracks are on your 570?
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