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Thanks to everyone that ordered!!!!

The Rules:

1. Hours for phone in orders have been expanded to 7:00AM-8:00PM EST on November 29th, 10am to 4pm on November 30th and 8am to 7pm on Cyber Monday December 2nd.

2. All orders can be made by calling 855 640 3785 (586 430 1789 for international customers) or by visiting the "Black Friday/Cyber Monday section of

3. With this promotion being extended to 5 different forums, 50,000 promotional emails, and our website... we expect phone traffic to be extremely high. Please have part numbers and cc information ready to go The best time to call will be early in the morning. Orders will be processed and shipped in the order they are received.

4. If you call on December 3rd asking for pricing from the Black Friday sale my staff has been instructed to not know what your talking about :p. all pricing will be deleted afterwards in accordance with Polaris map pricing policy. (we have been granted temporary amnesty to the normal rules)

5. I have done my best to increase inventory for this event, however it is very likely stock may run short on certain items. in this event please allow 3-5 days for restocking shipments to arrive and your order to leave our facility.

6. tell all your friends, this will be the lowest pricing we have ever offered. And if your a member please post in this thread after you place an order to keep it bumpin all day!!!

7. Due to the much higher than expected volume and limited on hand inventory for some items, please allow longer than normal handling times for these orders. its going to be a rough week for my shipping staff.

FREE Polaris Shop Wall Clock to the first 40 orders of $250 or more

The List, More items to be added before Black Friday...

In order to allow the lowest possible pricing for individual items, all orders less than $100 are subject to a shipping charge of $8.95. FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $100 to the Lower 48. Sales Tax applies to Michigan residents(discounted rates available to Hawaii, Alaska, and international customers)

Service items

Full Service Kits for RZR
Includes all oils and Engine Oil Filter

RZR, RZR-4, RZR-S, 2009 and prior Ranger 700xp..part number OCK_6_5
RZR XP RZR XP-4 2012 and prior..part number OCK_4_14
RZR-570, Ranger 800XP 2010 and later part number ock_6_4
RZR XP1K, RZRXP 2013 AND LATER, Ranger XP900, 900 Crew part number ock_6_7
01-11 4X4 RANGER 400, 500..part number OCK_4_2

Engine Oil

PS-4 Plus by the case (case contains (8) 2-qt jugs, 4 gallons total)


2540086 for RANGER 800, 900, RZR 800, RZR-4 800, RZR-S 800, RZR-570, 2013+ RZR XP, XP1K
2520799 for 2012 AND PRIOR RZR XP 900 and RZR XP-4, Ranger 400, 500
11-2396 Oil Filter wrench 3/8 drive.
1240482 for RZR 800, RZR-S, RZR-4, Ranger XP 800
Hillard OEM Style aftermarket replacement for 1240482
7081622 for RZR-XP, RZR-4 XP.
7081706 for RZR 570, Ranger 900.
1240822 for RZR XP1K.

OEM push rivets (you can never have to many of these stupid things )

10 pack
25 pack
100 pack


3211113 for 08-14 RZR 800
3211162 for 10-14 RZR-S, RZR-4, 2010+Ranger 800XP (can be used as upgrade to 800RZR)
3211161 for 2009 RZR-S
3211148 For RZR-XP, RZR-XP4, XP1K
3211143 for RZR 570
3211149 for Ranger XP 900
321077 for 01-14 Ranger 400, 500

Bushing kits

RZR, RZR-4, RZR-S complete front and rear a-arm bushing kit

Complete Front and Rear Control Arm Bushing Kit 2011+ Polaris 800 Ranger XP

2879231 SSV WORKS overhead stereo system for RZR, RZR-S,RZR 570, RZRXP (allow1-3weeks delivery)
2879232 SSV WORKS overhead stereo system for RZR-4, RZR-4XP(allow1-3 weeks delivery)
J-STRONG complete stereo/roof system for RZR, RZR-S, RZR-XP (free shipping to business address only)
2877221 Polaris wireless winch remote
2879174 Lowrance XTR gps + Lowrance mount kit (on b/o, orders will ship in 2-3 weeks)

2878322 3500 pound winch for RZR-XP and RZR-XP-4
2877314 (RZR-S style) fender flare kit for RZR 800
Polaris RZR and Ranger complete service manuals(allow 4-5 days for handling)
3x8" Polaris garage/shop banner

Heatercraft complete in cab heater kit with defrost

2011+ RZR 800, RZR-S RZR-4..
2011+ RZR XP, RZR XP-4..
2011+ RZR 570 and Ranger 570
2011+ Ranger 800
Late 2010 early 2011 Ranger 800
2005-2008 Ranger XP
2012+ RANGER XP 900

Trailer Covers

2876526 trailering cover for rzr 570/800
2877321 Trailering cover for rzr-s
2878540 trailering cover for RZR-XP
2877395-067 trailering cover for full sized Ranger

premium rear view Mirror kit

Bad Dawg Break-Away Side view mirror kit

2879492 Polaris Lock and Ride Windshield (FITS ALL RZR)
2878348 Polaris flip out Windshield

5 year Polaristar Extended Warranty

1000cc + ..
600cc + ...
< 600cc ...

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POLARIS OEM Riding Gloves

Red Sonic 2861264 sizes M/L/XL/2XL/3L Available

Black Aero 2861260 sizes M/L/XL Available
Grey Aero 2861262 sizes M/XL/2XL/3XL Available
Red Aero 2861261 sizes 2XL/3XL Available

Polaris FXR Jersey 2871327 sizes available L/XL
Polaris OCTANE black checkered jacket sixes available 2860113 XL/2XL


Mens Hardcore Two-Tone Hoodie
Mens White Full Zip Hoodie
Mens Light Grey Hoodie
Mens Striped Hoodie
Mens Quarter-Zip Perfromance Long Sleeve
Mens Burnout Hoodie
Men's Quarter Zip Performance Shirt
Navy Blue Summit Windowpane Plaid Hoodie
Red & Black Hang Time Hoodie
Navy Blue & Red Downhill Hoodie
Plaid Keith Curtis Exhibition Hoodie
Red Ice Blast Hoodie
Mens Black Quarter Zip Fleece


Men's Mesh Racer Tee
Men's Razor Sharp V-Neck Tee
Men's Red RZR Tee
Men's RZR Performance Tee
Mens RZR Jersey
Fly Racing Jersey
Mens' Dark Grey Short Sleeve Plaid
Men's Dark Grey Plaid Long Sleeve

Women's Soft Blue Mock Neck Long Sleeve
Women's RZR Red Full Zip Hoodie
Women's Red 3/4 Tee
Women's Sleeveless Tank Top
Women's V-Neck Tee
Womens Aspen Highlands Quilted Jacket

Womens Superior V Neck Tee
Womens Superior V Neck Tee
Women's Hill Climb Hoodie
Womens Rimfrost Hoodie
Womens Northwoods Hoodie
Womens FXR For Polaris Race Team Jersey
Women's FXR For Polaris Softshell Jacket

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2861324 Polaris Orange/Camo Reversible Beanie SUPER CLEARANCE

track systems (limited qty available, while supplies last)


2879216 Prospector PRO-SR Track System (msrp $4299.99)


Prospector PRO Track Mount (2879215,2878055,2877053, or 2878075) (msrp $449.99)


ALL 400,500,700,800,900 Rangers 2005 and newer (2014 Ranger 900 requires the use of 2013 900 lower a-arms)
09-14 rzr-s and 10-14 rzr-4

$3299 shipped, over $1400 off Polaris MSRP!!!

Cab Systems

Ranger 800 Curtis RCS MSRP $3999


Transform Your Ranger® in 60 Seconds!

The PATHPRO Rapid Convertible System (RCS) allows the user to choose one or all components, giving you flexibility as the seasons change.

Curtis engineers have designed a revolutionary, modular cab system that fits the 2009+ POLARIS Ranger that allows rapid convertibility from a fully enclosed cab to an open-air ride in seconds.

With our Rapid Convertible System, initial mounting brackets are installed in less than 2 hours. Once installed, the entire cab and its components can be removed or reattached in about 60 seconds!

  • Door & rear panel sliders are made of Impact Modified Acrylic and allow airflow and access from the cab
  • Roof & Doors made of high quality TPO (similar to what the factory hood/bed are made of) and will not change shape or warp due to heat or cold
  • Total Cab weight is only 192lbs, but can be quickly removed if needed
  • PathPro RCS cab uses a quick-release mounting system allowing the user to add/remove cab components as the weather changes.
  • Curtis also offers both ROPS (Roll Over Protection Systems) certified and Modular cabs for the 2008 and older Polaris Rangers Series II only. These cabs feature the same easy attach and detach system!


1. Hard coat Polycarbonate windows are lightweight & durable. Windshield has an additional Quantum Coating for added durability and allows use of optional windshield wiper. Windshield adjusts to vented position or opens full with dual gas-shocks. This allows you to adjust your airflow and ride closed or wide open

2. Laminated Safety Glass for clean, clear vision. Can be used with a wiper kit.

  • Rapid Convertible System (RCS) provides optimal weather protection and removes easily for open ride
  • Fully functional, weather-tight solid cab enclosure
  • Strong TPO body panels (Not ABS) provide durability, regardless of temperature
  • Modular design allows operator flexibility to use any one component or entire cab, depending on the application
  • Easy initial installation – under 2 hours!
  • Full window sliders in doors, venting slider in rear panel
  • Best full feature cab enclosure technology in the industry

Choice of Glass or Poly Tip out

Polaris Ranger 900 Cabs

2851123 LX system

he Lock & Ride® PRO-FIT™ LX Cab System features the best ventilation and the most premium features, including:

• Power Window Doors: A new level of ventilation adjustability and convenience, along with enhanced visibility

• Tip-Out Glass Windshield: Choose form 3 positions – closed, open for airflow, raised completely; wiper ready

• Sliding Window Rear Panel: Provides adjustable ventilation and convenient access to cargo box

• Premium Roof: Styled to coordinate with your RANGER® and lined with sound-dampening material

2851129 SX system

he Lock & Ride® PRO-FIT™ SX Cab System features the perfect balance of protection, comfort and quick installation, including:

• Roof and Door Premium Interior Liners: Riders experience enhanced comfort and reduced operating noise

• Hinged Window Doors: Lets a rider choose protection or airflow, and enjoy a wide field of vision

• Windshield and Rear Panel Glass Windows: Reliable protection and the best scratch resistance for great visibility

• Installs Quickly: Components install quickly and easily in designated mounting location in the cab frame with Lock & Ride® quarter-turn handles

2851125 X system

The Lock & Ride® PRO-FIT™ X Cab System features the fastest installation for maximum versatility, including:

• Installs Quickly: Components install quickly and easily in designated mounting locations in the cab frame and with Lock & Ride quarter-turn handles

• Windshield and Rear Panel Glass Windows: Reliable protection and the best scratch resistance for great visibility

• Fixed Window Doors: Riders enjoy the full visibility and maximum scratch resistance

• Sealed Installation: Components fit together and create a comfortable sealed interior

2851126 S system

The Lock & Ride® PRO-FIT™ S Cab System features durable canvas construction and essential protection, including:

• Canvas Components: Lightweight, easy to store when removed

• Poly Windshield: Durable, impact resistant, reliable protection that ensures great visibility in all conditions

• Adjustable Door Ventilation: Zip-open windows int eh doors let riders control airflow into the cab

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It's going to be an awesome sale!!

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love this!!

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Pricing now posted with plenty of time for Christmas List additions.... ENJOY ;)

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Looking for something not on the list? Give our sales staff a call...We are willing to cut deals on any additional OEM Polaris products during the sale, especially if adding to an existing order so we can combine and save on our shipping costs.

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Chris I tried but never go a call back on the Boss headlight kit

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Ive got Jim on it right now, sorry about the delay we have been slammed


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Just a reminder that we will be available to take phone orders and provide tech support today until 4pm est.
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