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Flat spot in the throttle at 4500 to 4700 rpm

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My 2010 800 hd has developed a flat spot in the throttle at 4500 to 4700 rpm. Could use some expertise on this, not sure where to start. Also just bought a new 2014 900 crew and I'm wondering if the wheels for my 800 will fit on the new machine.
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When you say "flat spot" do you mean it won't accelerate past that rpm? or do you mean it accelerates good before and after that rpm?
Yeah, I'm with Curt, it's most likely TPS sensor related in that case. Unless maybe your throttle blade is a little sticky and when you give it that little bit of extra gas it might be causing the throttle blade to "jump" instead of open more smoothly? I've seen these things gum up before, wouldn't surprise me if that could also be causing your problem.
What year of sportsman?

I could look it up on polarispartshouse and see if the part numbers are the same.?
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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