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From Bill: - - Thanks to all...

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It always seems that when the good Lord closes one door in your life He opens another. [^] - - Such has been the case for me. When my passion for ever larger and larger motorcycles finally took my back out, the door to "Rangers" and the <u>PRC</u> was opened to me.

Not only have I found a replacement for my Boss Hoss, <font color="blue">the Ranger comes with a team of very neat people - YOU.</font id="blue"> [:D] - - I truly enjoyed our trip to MSP, and the opportunity to see many of you again, and meet some for the first time.

I think our trip was a success for Polaris and the PRC. Perhaps when Polaris decides to finally build a 1,200cc Ranger (with 40hp and 150 ft/lb torque)[:eek:)] [;)][;)], they will invite our group back to review the new vehicle.

<u>Thanks for wishing me a Happy Birthday on Thursday evening.</u> Being a year older sure does beat the alternatives [xx(] . - - Take care... - - Bill
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