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front differential questions

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2009 ranger 700 hd. The input shaft is loose and leaking fluild. I want to rebuild the front dif bearings and seals. My question is what years ,models and size machines are compatible with my machine .I'm looking at ordering a bearing and seal kit off eBay. Does the crew ,500-800 ect run the same front diff. I'm trying to make sure I get the right parts
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I would suggest phoning the dealer and just get the parts numbers based on your unit/serial number and cross check them on ebay or elsewhere for best deals, but having the parts number would be of high value. Here is a link which may be of interest as well
Another option is to carefully remove the old bearings and seals and take them to some place like Motion Industries or other bearing supplier, they should be able to either cross reference numbers or size and replace the cheap Chinese parts.
^^^^^ What he said. And it'll most likely cost you less money for better parts.
I agree with the above on sourcing better bearings and seals.
But if that is not feasible, then here are the Polaris OEM part numbers.

Qty 1, 3234406 Seal kit ( includes 5 seals, 2 axle, 1 case cover, 1 pinion input, 1 input cover)
Qty 3, 3234390 Bearings ( 1 pinion input, 2 for the out put hubs (internal)

Also since your input cover seal is leaking, depending on mileage/use/hours I would measure the input cover bushing for wear.
This bushing is not available independently, you have to purchase a new input cover.

Qty 1, 3234418 Input cover w/bushing.
Qty 1, 3234463 Input cover Assy ( includes cover, bushing, and input shaft seal and cover seal).

Did not Cross Reference to other units that these parts are used on.
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Thanks guys for the help! It's cold up here and I work for a local water and sewer mains are exploding everywhere lots of hours and no time to search. Thanks again
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