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Front tires engagement in 4x4 issues.

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My '13 has around 400 miles or so and noticed today that im not getting much if any power to the front tires. Reverse seems ok but like today driving through the rather slick and muddy field, its acting like its not in 4x4. From a dead start with half throttle, it appears that nothing is goin on up front while the rear is spinning. I can see the tires spin a little if I gun it but nowhere near like it should/did. I had my family with me today so I couldn't really get on it so all my driving was in low. There isn't any grinding or excessive noise coming from anywhere. About a month ago I used it to pull alot of tree tops around while in 4x4 and never once plinked an eye. Sure I use it alot but by no means tear it up.

Any ideas as to what is wrong? Note I havent changed the front differential oil yet. No service lights or codes come on besides it telling me that I do have it in 4x4 mode.
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I have the same machine; and the same complaint. I never notice it until I ride in snow. It is horrible and frankly dangerous at speeds over about 10mph. Even in 4x4 it's supper squirrely. Constantly have to "saw" the wheel to try to keep it going straight. Did this since it was new. I never notice it on dirt trails. I believe I read on this forum somewhere that Polaris changed something in the '15 models so the front wheels engage sooner to reduce this issue.
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I recently got a 2015 ranger 900 Xp. And also read polaris made a change. I also had a 2014 ranger 900 Xp till the beginning of December before it went through the ice and got totaled. I was pretty pumped to get the 2015 from reading what polaris claimed. Until I took the 15' for its first ride got about a mile from my house and damn near totaled just missed a tree going down a snow covered gravel road doing 10 mph when it decided to loose its **** and did 4 360* with my son in there when it happened I was not happy at all. Needless to say this machine will defenetly make me think twice on were I go with it. I had a 11' RZRS before these two I could do 60 plus down a snowmobile trail and not once fell not in control these full size rangers have a long ways to go in the AWD area. Good Luck.
They suck in the snow thats for sure. I dont know what the deal is but they are damn squirrely in the snow for sure. And, if your on any kind of incline going sideways in the snow, they dogtrack like mad. its really odd...
Welcome to Polaris, I agree is sucks as I ride a lot in the snow and really mis my old Big Red for the snow, but if you want power and fun there is no other choise.
Check your front wheel alignment. From the factory my 2013 was way off. If one side or the other is towed in or towed out to much things can get interesting. :) My right side as received was towed out over 1/4 inch where as the left side was nearly centered. I always had to be careful keeping the Ranger from pulling to the right. The proper alignment per the Shop manual is to be 1/8 - 3/16 "Tow Out". Once I got it set correctly mine handles just fine 2 or 4 wheel drive. Flying down a icy snow covered road at 60 mph I am not going do that in any thing I drive :). Where I live fortunately I don't have to worry about snow or ice :)
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My 2014 900 engages just fine, but I don't ride snow or ice but will haul but in AWD down muddy trails. The front tire won't ever turn as fast as the rear though.
I dont know if this is a fluke or not, my dealer advised me to change the front dif fluid twice a often as recommended. He stated that even small contaminants would cause engaging issues. Last winter we had snow on the ground for months, I never had a problem. In fact my machine went anywhere I pointed it with confidence and aggression. 2014 xp 900 stock green steel wheels stock tires. Full heated cab, all polaris.
There's a long discussion about the ranger's traction in the snow on another forum. Myself and many others have no issues when there is no snow, but when there is, hang on tight! ;)
My issue isn't snow. Read about an RZR having same issue as mine. Something to do with a retainer clip that popped out making the clutch stick. Guess I'll tear into it and see.
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