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A few of you have asked for this, so here you go.

You can get a little over an inch more of clearance by moving the one inch bar from the outside of the floorboard to the inside.

the first step is to cut the bar just before the bend then unbolt from under the dash, notch the floorboard and section the tube (about 1").

Then you will need to cut the mount off from under the dash, turn it around and weld it back on.

You will need to drill new holes and tap them for the screws in the floor board.

Now vor those that plan to reuse your plastics you will need to cut a little over an inch off and drill and tap new holes.

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Chuck, I did mine and 3.5" backspaced wheels and 29.5"s I still rub, but it's not terrible. I didn't expect to eliminate it all together, and with less backspacing they would easily clear, but I like the extra width/stability.

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