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Thunderhawk Performance invented the first RZR Fuel Tank Skid Plate in 2007. It’s 2014, and the new RZR XP 1000 is built with the fuel tank exposed! So, Thunderhawk Performance designed a new Fuel Tank Guard & Skid Plate for the RZR XP 1000 that offers the same great RZR fuel tank protection that we have been known-for since 2007.

This new part is manufactured from 1/8” aircraft-grade aluminum for maximum strength & light-weight, and has been designed to protect the fuel tank from all angles. The Thunderhawk Fuel Tank Guard covers the bottom of the fuel tank where the factory skid plate leaves the fuel tank exposed, the back-side of fuel tank where the tank is exposed to rocks and debris thrown from the rear tire and also covers the section of the fuel tank above the trailing arm. This Fuel Tank Guard provides a strong "skid-plate" surface that will not bend and can support the RZR even when it is sliding over obstacles in the trail.

This part fits with stock or aftermarket skid plates, and is a wise investment even for XP 1000's that have aftermarket UHMW skid plates. UHMW skid plates only cover part of the bottom-side of the fuel tank, and the Thunderhawk Fuel Tank Guard adds protection to the complete back-side of the fuel tank, the remainder of the bottom-side and the area above the trailing arm that is still exposed to damage.

Here's a link for more details and photos of this new product on our website: Fuel Tank Guard - Thunderhawk PZ2025 - Thunderhawk Performance

PZ2025 081b_500.jpg
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