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Game For a ride with Carnivore

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Who can tell me what and where this came from,Curt and Bob can't play
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It's either an Eel or a "Road Pizza" snake[:D]
Inner primary cluth bearing. Nice isn't it.
seen those before. Need one? I think I have a good used one.....Curt
Definetly not a part you want to see fall out of your primary clutch. It started out life as a perfect circle.
I did buy one at our local dealer. Thanks !
Wow Deadly is there any parts on your ranger safe?
I'd say laugh out loud but it's not funny breaken stuff..
It's all about quality, That is not there for most parts.
Deadly, I see you are running the sp belt on that machine. I had put up a post stating that running a belt without the proper deflection will have major affects on machine in long run. The SP belt is only supposed to be run on ebs machines only, because they have the one way clutch. If the belt is not adjusted properly you will have motor mount issues, the machine will be hard to shift, It will be hard on the tranny and shift linkage, there could be belt breakage, It will cause premature wear on both clutches, and is hard on the crankshaft. Before Installing that I would check to make sure it has the proper tolerances on the clutch. Once any bushing or bearing comes apart on a clutch It has usually been spinning inside the clutch before grenading like it did causing tolerances to be out of spec. If you have any questions give me a call Just trying to help Dale!
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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