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Gearing for 28" tires

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Is anyone aware of any clutching or gearing changes I can make to get some power back from these power robbing 28's [?]
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White spring in the clutch and how much air pressure in the Swamplites???? I run 12 psi in mine, it helped
The best thing would be to go with Bikemans clutch. otherwise get the white spring and washer, the SP belt, and the K&N underhood filter, they will help some.
Does the white spring & washer trick work on the '07's though? I had heard it only worked on the older ones. I can't remember off the top of my head how much PSI I am running, I will check that. Thanks for the replies.
The white spring and washer works on the 07's as long as you are running the stock belt. If you are running the SP belt don't use the washer, but you still use the spring.
Bikeman Clutch Kit......Curt
Thanks for info. I think I will try the white spring and washer trick first, ($$$). How many washers will I need, just 1 or do I need to stack a few?
It depends on what washer you use. If its the 1 1/2" x 7/16" x 1/8" use one. If its the polaris washer use a couple of them.
what washer are you talking about curt, the one on the shaft/long bolt to the primary.
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what washer are you talking about curt, the one on the shaft/long bolt to the primary.
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Yes,see the link in the Important Parts post next to white spring. It goes on the outside of the primary.
Thanks Curt. I will give it a try.
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