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Good All terrain tire for 2023 northstar crew

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I just got a 2023 northstar ordered a few days ago. It is coming with 27” tires stock. I’ve been looking at the maxxis carnivores. I’d like to put either 29 or 30 inch tires on it. I want a good ride. Will be on pavement and dirt road, and two track mostly. No aggressive mud riding really. This is my first Ranger. Will be using it for hunting, and well groomed trails, in town. Nothing too crazy. Basically I want the biggest tire I can put on it, without putting a lift. And I want a good ride. I don’t mind spending a little more money for a better ride. Any tips are greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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I had terrabites on my 2019 xp900 and liked not having the road noise. Harder compound tire than the stocks so a little stiffer ride. My 2022 Northstar still has stocks, and I can’t wait till I wear them out!
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