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Good Year in Colorado

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After checking out all the good bucks hitting the ground back east, I wanted to share the success that my wife and I had earlier this year.

Started the year off with my wife laying the smack down on this bruin. 400 yes with 300WSM Estimated to be around 15 years old

Then it was my turn to chase elk with a muzzleloader. Punched my tag on this 340" 7x8

Wife's 300" 6x6 535 yds with a 338-378

My 183" 4x4 under 100 yds w/ 264 WM
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Holy cow, you had a rough year.........
some impressive animals, good job for you and the wife!
WOW!! How many freezers you got? Nice trophy's!!
Those are amazing trophies, great job and congratulations to you and your wife.
Wow, I'm jealous. That's an impressive season. :cool:
Seth, I want to go hunting with you! The unit I'm in (north central Colorado) was pretty sparse this year for Elk, but we did see lots of Deer. I had a bear tag but didn't see anything.

Congratulations on the harvest! Those are some sweet trophies.
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I think the title of the thread should have been "What a Year in Colorado!". Great to see a Husband/Wife hunting team. Especially a successful one....congratulations!
Anyone of those is a very respectable harvest, but to get all of them this year is incredible! Congrats...
Dang , I fell sorry for you spending all your salary at the Taxidermist .
I know I will not have your problems.
Congratulations to you Both!!!
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