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Greetings from the "edge of the Everglades"

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We finally pulled the trigger over the weekend on a Sage Green 2015 XP 900 EPS. All I can say is "WOW" what an awesome machine! The ride is really smooth, and the power in this thing is crazy! I'm trying to be mindful of the "break-in", so I haven't even got on it yet. No issues so far, other than the creaking roof support. Thanks to the info I found here, that was fixed on day one.

We own a camp down in the middle of the Big Cypress Preserve that we visit whenever we can. It's about as remote as you can get in S. Florida... very relaxing. Access from the nearest dirt road is via 11 miles of pretty rugged trails - deep water, rocks, and blue marl mud. I've got two "old school" swamp buggies that we usually use to get down there, but they're both getting old and tired, so the Polaris will be filling in some when it's not too wet. Other than that, we'll be using the Polaris for work around the yard and terrorizing the neighborhood when "5 o'clock somewhere" rolls around. :very_drunk:

Anyway, just wanted to introduce myself here. There's a whole lot of really good info on this forum. Hope to contribute to the knowledge base myself in the future.

- cowpen

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Welcome to PRC and congratulations on your new ride.
Welcome aboard. I remember the old swamp buggies and air boats from my time in South Florida.
Welcome to PRC.

I wouldn't worry much about the "break-in" period. After putting about 10 miles on the belt, I'd drive it like I stole it.
Welcome to PRC
Thanks all... I'm looking forward to getting the Polaris set up for what I need.

@Cesar - Swamp buggies were pretty much the only way to get around the Glades down here in the old days. Honestly, it's still that way today.
Here's my buggy... she's tired (the motor's the same age as me), but she still gets the job done.:encouragement:

  • Rear mounted Chevrolet 4 cylinder - 153 CI (from 1962 Chevy II)
  • 2-speed Powerglide auto tranny mated to Jeep 4 speed & transfer case
  • Tires: 17.00-16 (from Douglas DC-3/C-47 airplane) on home built split rims. Tubes inflated to 4 psi - 42" tall.
  • Axles "flipped" for rear engine
  • Full floating rear with Detroit Locker
  • Power steering
  • VW Beetle seats
  • No brakes. Top speed is about 12 mph.
People always ask me, "how can that thing go anywhere on those slick airplane tires?". As long as there's a little bit of water on the mud, she'll just putt along and keep right on going. I've got a set of tire chains for the rear that I can put on for when the prairies are drying down (like toothpaste). I've had it stuck a couple of times, but never buried. These tires are what everybody ran up through the 1970's, but everybody's gone to some kind of tractor tire now except me. I love 'em... it's like riding on a cloud.

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I had one of those, sold it earlier this yr. great fun.

Congrats on the 900, looks great


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Great pics of the Buggies. Those bring back some great memories from the early 70's to mid 80's when I finally moved away from Miami. I always loved our trips to the Glades, but I must admit the Tennessee mountains are hard to beat.
Welcome aboard PRC.
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