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Thunderhawk Performance has set-up a Group Buy Section on our website where we will be listing special, limited-run parts. Initially, these parts will be re-runs of previously discontinued items or special color options for current production parts. This may be expanded to included race parts and other specialty items later.

Each Group Buy offer on the website will work like this:
1. You can find the part listed on our website:
A. In the appropriate vehicle sections with all other parts for your vehicle model​
B. In the Group Buy section​
2. The part will be listed for “Pre-Sale”.
3. There will be an order cut-off date noted. We must receive sufficient orders by this date in order to cover the set-up costs for production.
4. If you want one, you will need to order it before the cut-off date. This will require payment when ordering.
5. When you place your order, the item description on the order will include the order cut-off date, the estimated production time and the refund policy in the event that the Group Buy does not proceed due to lack of orders. This is printed on each order so that you will have all the dates and details together in one place.
6. We will notify you after the cut-off date to update you on the status of the Group Buy, and will also send tracking numbers when the parts are completed and have shipped.
7. In the event that we do not proceed with the Group Buy due to lack of orders, a full refund will be issued.

We will be testing this new Group Buy Section through the end of 2017, and will post details for each Group Buy when they are announced.
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