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Here is what I have gathered via email from a few thus far:

Tam/Neal cannot do July
Fred/Peggy cannot do July
Woody is off June 9/10, 23/24, July 7/8, 21/22, Aug 4/5, 18/19
Randy has a couple week trip with his kids when school lets out

I know we can't get everyone to agree on dates, so I'm just throwing one out there:

How about June 16-17 at the area around Hatfield-McCoy's? No helmets required as long as we stay out of H/M. Bobby D has offered to lead a group, but I'll have to confirm dates with him. Looks like there is a nice campground there too & we can ride from campground to trail on rangers. Here is camping info: Looks like they have cabins and cottages to rent also. From what I can see, a family of 2 can have a campsite for $28.60/nite, a cabin for $62.40/nite or a cottage for $98.80/nite. (cottage has a shower/bathroom, cabin does not). They have a bathouse, a pay laudromat, wireless internet, well you get the idea. There is also another camping area at They don't have cottages and cabins, but they do have campers for rent.

Woody - can you switch weekends to get that weekend free if most everyone else agrees?

I've been chatting with Doug & Lisa (seasonedsole), Mark (poorfarmer), Jerry (commanderjjones) and Bobby D and they are all also wanting to ride. Do we want this to be a board only trip or shall we open it up to whomever wants to ride?

Then maybe we can do Harlan County, KY the end of July or beginning of August.

What do you all think?

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