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Hard Coat Poly Polaris Windshield w/ Wiper

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Just Curious if anyone has used this combo. I hear the "Hard Coat" windshield is pretty good just wonder how it will hold up to the wiper kit as far as scratches.
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When you buy the Kolpin wiper kit it says to use on MR10 or Glass ONLY. I have it, no problems
MR10? is this the hard coat? I don't know the titles to well.
Yes, MR10 is commonly referred to as "hard coated", but it's still polycarb' and WILL scratch. I wouldn't use a wiper system with Lexan. If your intended use requires a wiper system (and they are nice), do yourself a favor and spend the extra money for a glass windshield.
Gotcha Thanks. Just got my XP and trying to find best mods. The dealer installed the Hard Coat windshield sport top and Glass back panel. May just use rainx. ha
Like I said, I HAVE A LEXAN MR10 AND A WIPER so I have experience with it. It doesn't scratch. Probably would if you had the thing caked in mud and rocks and decided to turn the wiper on but common sense goes a long ways !!!!
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Which wiper kit do u have, My windshield isn't made for a wiper. So does that throw mine off?
I have the Kolpin one, got it off ebay for like $200. Just drill your hole where you want the wiper and install, its pretty easy. I keep the full shield on for winter riding only, in the summer I remove the whole works and install the half windshield.
......May just use rainx. ha
Do NOT use RainX on polycarb'. It will ruin it immediately. It will leave a haze that cannot be removed.
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Commander, thanks for the tip about the rainx. I was about to do that to mine. I sure wish I would have gotten the glass windshield now considering the hard coat was $500 and the glass was 200 more. I was just afraid I would bust the glass. Dealer said the hard coat was good stuff but I haven't read a whole lot of good about it. :/
........Dealer said the hard coat was good stuff but I haven't read a whole lot of good about it. :/
Don't get me wrong, it's good and is what I use. I would definitely bust a glass windshield where I ride......but if it weren't for that huge drawback, glass surpasses Lexan in all other categories.
Use Plexus on your poly windshield
Dealer told me to also use plexus also on the poly or make sure nothing with ammonia as it will haze. Friend of mine has the hard coat poly on his 800 and it's been working for his application. I went with the glass on mine with recommendations from members on this site.
Where can you get that stuff at? Never heard of it.
Ebay is where I get mine, never seen it in a store.
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Where can you get that stuff at? Never heard of it.
Found some on Amazon. On my wishlist for when I need something else to add for free shipping. Vega Plexus Spray Cleaner - 13 oz Can (): Automotive
Pledge or biker spirits will do the same thing. or toothpaste or wax. take your pick!

just dont use anything w/ alcohol in it!!!!
Where can you get that stuff at? Never heard of it.
Your local Powersports dealer may also carry it. My relatives carry it at their Honda dealership.
But you will probably find it cheaper online.
......or toothpaste.......
I wouldn't use toothpaste. Most kinds are much more abrasive than most people think. It's like a fine cut buffing compound. You can buff out dull paint and hazed over headlights with it.
I had a lexan windshield last winter. By spring it was ruined just fron scraping the ice off it, so I biught a polaris glass windshield. I guess a guy could break it from a roll over, or crack it from a flying rock on a road, but it's as tuff as a car windshield
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