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There are rare times when you install a Duraclutch you get false misfire codes due to the change in rpm and load then the ECU trips the misfire code

Until today your choices was send the ECU in and Duraclutch flash it for free to stop them.

What if you have a tuner already on it? What if you want a tuner and you are getting false misfires?

You can't use your tuner or can't buy one and keep your flashed ECU as either flashing or a tuner overwrites the stock tune. You have to choose!!

[email protected] is our a tuner guy and we can stop false misfires with a Dynojet PV3 tuner.

If you have a dynojet tuner and duraclutch and neither came from here, we can still fix it just charge a $25 fee to do it via email and file swaps (we have videos to show you how)

If you some custom tune and don't want to lose it, you will send that tune to us and we fix it for the same $25

If you buy your DC or PV3 from us, no charge for this and saves you the time of sending a ECU in for a reflash.

If you do not have a tuner and do not want to send a ECU in but would like the features of a tuner, it is no issue programming it for you right out of the gate when you buy it here.

Got questions, contact [email protected]
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