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heater made from radiator heat

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Has anyone made a heater on a 2009 Polaris ranger 700 xp 4x4 from using heat off of radiator and a tunnel to inside cab with power switch to turn fan on or off
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I did buy a 300 watt heater to see if it would help. I think I can breath heavier than that for 120 bucks. I have looked at add on heaters also 5-600$ the radiator with fan switch and and some type of flex tube from radiator to cab seem to be logical? Any one has insight please let me know
why not just do a custom install of a generic cab heater? It'd be cheaper!
I have a write up on a homemade mod which does exactly what you are looking for I think. if you enter bigbuck in the search bar at top right of page, you will find a thread on 'new affordable ranger auxillary heater',,, its the 17th post down from top. It works awesome!
Small 12v fan (6 inch) hooked up via a rheostat. Draw heat out of the engine compartment into the cab. Mount it on the vertical panel, center of cab below the seat. Simple, effective. A guy in CO. was making these for a bit. I'll see if I can find the thread for you.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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