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Heater question?

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So how long does it take to get the air burped out of the system ? We had my ranger on ramps and cycled four times through the thermostat opening. The heater is a summit 28000 btu and also I purchased a bypass. Now I'm getting heat but that should run you out of the cab . Do I have air still ?
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Did you open the bleeder to purge air?

Do you still see bubbles in the hose to the overflow tank?
No I didn't open it. And had the radiator cap off squeezing the lines, added anti freeze two or three times. Yes I did have bubbles in the hose got back from a short ride and the tank was empty. I'll try the bleeder. Thanks tjm.
Should be able to crack the bleeder open until no more air sputters out, usually doesnt take long...then top off the coolant and as it warms up you'll see some bubbles moving from the rad cap to the overflow for a little bit...

I usually just crack the bleeder then too off coolant and go...the last little bit will burp out while i ride...then top off one last time after first ride...
I have the same heater in mine,,it wont drive you out at an idle ,,if you think you got most of the air out ,just drive it around a little bit and check it again
Yeah that did it thank you for the information, now finish plugging the air leaks for road riding the trails are fine.
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