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Hey guys,

Just wanted to take a second and introduce myself. My name is Erik Dahl I am a salesman at M&M Lawn and Leisure. I am happy to be supporting such an awesome forum! Keep up the great work guys, there is a lot of great information on this website!

We have tons of Ranger for sale and we ship all over the world! Literally I have sent RZR to Saudi Arabia and Jamica. If you find a machine you are interested don't hesitate to ask for a shipping quote. I would be happy to answer any questions related to the new machines.

Robby is a co-worker of mine who will also be posting on this forum about the parts we have for sale, and answering your part related questions.

Thanks again for everything and we look forward to talking to you guys.
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Glad to you have aboard Eric & Robby! Looking forward to your posts. Thanks for supporting PRC :cheerful:
Welcome to PRC, Erik. Thank you for your support here.
Welcome aboard and thanks for your support, gentlemen.:)

Where are you guys located?
Welcome and thank you for the support !
Welcome to PRC
Welcome to the club Eric.:encouragement:
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