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Help! Charging problem, error.

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Attempted to connect charger and the charger could not make the detection, therefore never began charging batteries. Thought the charger might be malfunctioning so i put my 12 volt 10 amp charger on the batteries but could not get the charger to charge. That tells me there is some safety mechanism in the line that may be the problem but i have no idea what. Can anyone help? Neither charger will engage.
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Is your bat, dead? And is your charger a bat tender ?
Check the 48 volt fuse on the driverside under the solenoid contractor. Located under the seats between the batteries. You will probably have to raise the bed and look from the rear to see it It has 6 red wires, has a cap on top of it and has 3 fuses in it. Usually the middle one burns out. One of the other fuses is a spare and there is a spare in the fuse box under the hood. I eventually had to by pass mine with the large type spade inline fuse because it would get so hot during charging. Another thing to check is the pins on the MPC plug. I had to replace mine because one of the pins were not making good contact and finally failed.
I am going to check as you suggest evcruise, thank you. I should have pointed out, the buggy is 50% charged and operating fine i just cant get the charger to detect the batteries and top them off. Not sure if that changes ypur recommendations. In other words, i can still drive it now just cant charge

Further, if i test the voltage on the buggy where the charger plugs in, i am getting almost full voltage. This suggests it may be a bad charger, dont you think?
The fuse is the link between the charger n the batteries. the middle fuse is probably brown n discolored. does the lights on the side of the charger come on? Does the charger indicator light signal any error codes. mine would start charging and then blink 6 times or blink a amber color because the charger was getting overheated back in the summer. had to put a fan on it to keep it cool.
Post your problem on the other Ranger forum there are several guys that are elec. engineers and have more knowledge than me. they (lou1949) have helped me thru several issues
It proved to be a bad circuit board in the charger and believe it will be covered under warranty. Charger is 14 mos old
Glad u found the prob. good luck.:encouragement:
Glad it's still under warranty. When I bought mine the owner had a extended warranty and he had not upgraded to the new charger. Fortunately Polaris replaced it n all I had to pay was the 50 dollar deduct able. Could have been worse.
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