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Help, need 900 primary or picture of one!!!!

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I am working on these new HD primary bearings, I have a 900 Ranger 2014 model but the primary does match any microfiche, my contact inside Polaris has no idea what it is or how it ended up on my Ranger, it works but is not correct.

So I need to buy a used or broke 900 ranger primary or simply borrow one to take apart and return.

Any of you Duraclutch owners who took theirs off, I would love to borrow one of yours, I will pay shipping both directions.

Or if anyone has a 900 ranger primary completely apart down to the bearing, I need a picture and a measurement.

I can make that even easier, I need a picture of the inside of the spacer on the primary you have.

If someone sends me one and wants the HD bearing if it works I will do this for free and clean your clutch up too.

Help me out!!!

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One of the duraclutch buyers is sending me his primary to take apart to check these new bearings on.

Have a 1000 RZR customer sending me his.

Just wish I could figure out what my clutch is and how it made it's way on my ranger. Polaris is not infallible
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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