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Help with new tires !

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I have a bone stock '07 700 Ranger XP and I want to replace the Carlisle PXT's 26X8R12's and 26X11R12's on the aluminum LE rims with DURABLE/LONG LASTING 6 ply tires, without any suspension/rim changes.It looks like it wouldn't take much more width before it starts rubbing on the front struts. I am in a fair amount of mud for 3 months and on coral rock the other 9. Only use it for transportation and not much hauling. $ 400.00 or less for 4 tires shipped range. Bear Claws...?....Executioners...?...Oh my ! Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks ! ps.........NO, LBR, no 31" Outlaws..............
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I would go with the ITP Mudlite XL Tires - Mud Lite XL I have the XXL's and love them. I and friends have had the XL's on 4wheelers, they were great all around tires and seemed to last forever.
Kris, you already know what I'd reccomend. I love my EFX motoclaws so far. $450 on ebay for set of 4. Bias ply.
Dang, Kris! You got 7 years out of a set of PXTs riding over coral!! Think I'd be lookin' for another set! :victorious:
Dang, Kris! You got 7 years out of a set of PXTs riding over coral!! Think I'd be lookin' for another set! :victorious:
Actually this is the second set of PXT's and this second set did not wear well at all. I really need a tire that is more "puncture resistant" tah boot.
Another good set of tires I wouldn't mind running again are the GBC dirt tamers. bias ply also, but I got quite a bit of life out of them, and very few flats. Think they're pretty affordable too.

The Sedona Rip Saws have been the best for puncture resistance because of how much/deep the lugs are, but unfortuneatly, they have a sidewall problem. one out of every pair of rear tires I've gotten has formed a cut in the sidewall in the same exact place during the first year. they warranty them, but how long does a person want to put up with that?
I had Mayhems on my 800..the ride was too rough for me.
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