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Here is a video I made from new years ride at Sabine atv

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Looks like fun. That Rzr is HUGE!
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That RZR was riding in high gear with that huge lift and tires up hills and through bad mud.. that was his belt exploding!
Ridin' in those dusty conditions can be tough! :glee: Great vid!!
Playing with my new Gopro 4... I'm going to get better and get my ride in the videos more!

Lol! The dust was killer lol!
The park was in great condition!
I'm guessing that wasn't iced tea in the cooler....
That has just encouraged me to go home for the day and ride :biggrin:
You next option to add to the list would be a depth finder:biggrin:.
Thanks for posting!
Sabine ATV is truely an awesome park. There is no way that you can show all they have to offer in a 19 minute video, although Lovintheride gave it a helluva shot. 2800 acres, river sandbar, Mill Creek, cliffs, mud bogs, cabins, convenience store, showers, and sooooo much more (and no I'm not the owner, just a fan). We will be there for MuddyGras in a few weeks. Y'all come now, ya hear!
Cool vid John, thanks for sharing. Sabine is on the list for this year, just don't know how soon.
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