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Today, while looking up and printing out some more items for the trip, I decided to call the hotel and reconfirm the rooms and double check to make sure Polaris had not pulled anything on us. It all checked out. We each have our own room and I went down the list to make sure no one had been left off. As I called out the names, she scanned the page and made sure you all were accounted for. The only strange thing is they had me down for two rooms!! I know that I have gained a few pounds, but I told her I didn't think I would need 2 rooms!![:D] Problem solved and now I know the hotel is set!!

BTW, just for fun, go to the hotel website. Just Google Holiday Inn Express, type in St. Paul for the city and then MN for the state. Our hotel will be #1 on the list. It is on Vadnais. Now, the fun part is this. Look at the distances to things. For Minneapolis, it lists 10 miles. Now, look at the complimentary shuttle. It is for a FIVE mile radius around the hotel!! I guess they will only take you half way to town!!! LOL!!![:D]
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