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How to Add GPS Mount to Dashboard

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I'm a GPS lover and don't like to watch a screen 'jiggle' as I drive. This is my new '15 XP900 EPS.
Thought I would share a rock-solid solution for mounting a Ram-Mount "B" flange. Project time: 90 minutes.
View attachment 7962
Dashboard removed

View attachment 7963
Custom bracket to span the Ranger brackets that brace the center of the dash

View attachment 7964
I used a "C" channel type metal to help keep any flexing to a minimum.

View attachment 7965 The green Tie-Rap between the fender washers represents the factory Ranger bracket. I used 8-32x1.5" bolts with fender washers and Nyl-Lok nuts. (bracket is shown upside down)

View attachment 7966
Bracket installed. Now the alignment. The fitment of the bracket was a bit touchy and took 3-4 tries to emulate the angle of the dash cover before I got it just right. The goal was to touch the bottom of the plastic dash but not distort how it fits when you cinch down the Ram-Mount GPS flange.

View attachment 7968
Almost ready to mark the holes for the Ram-Mount after drill and tap for GPS flange mount.

View attachment 7969
With center radio/switch array removed, you can damn near climb into the dash to mark your drill holes.

View attachment 7970
Bracket final resting spot

Automotive exterior Hood Vehicle Trunk Bumper

Innocent looking. No unusual vibration.
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the attachments do ....'0'.....nothing....
I mounted mine to the roof. Easier to look at, very stable and it's in the shade so no glare problems.

3/4" plywood roof is nice if you want to attach like walkie talkie, camera, mirrors, lights.... Also you can securely strap down some stuff on top.
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Nice one Russ. My roof goes on/off based on the weather. On my '06 I had attached similar to yours but it was a killer looking into the 'sky' when the roof was off.
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