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How To: Ranger Roof on a Budget Build

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Just finished this roof today on my 2015 Ranger Midsize 570 Crew. TOTAL COST about $185 and I think it is as good if not better then the majority of plastic one's available.

Here is what I used to build it.

1/4" ABS Black Plastic (bought a 4'x8' sheet from a local plastic distributor....$80)
Rubber coated Conduit Clamps 5 pk of 1 3/4" (Center Bar) and 10 pk of 2 1/2" (Sides) (Grainger $15)-I would use 2 1/4" instead of 2 1/2" next time because I had to cut them off about 1/4".
Stainless Steel Hardware (Nuts, Bolts, Washers)-Lowe's $65
Rubber Weather Strip 1" x 3/8"-Lowes $15
Krylon Fusion Black Satin Paint (2 cans $10 Walmart)

Step 1: Cut to the size you want. The roll cage is slotted on my machine so I cut to fit b/t the lays right in between once cut. I extended 7" on the front and 5" on the back. I used a circular saw to cut it....worked great.

Step 2: Place rubber weather strip on top of cage in various areas as a cushion b/t the roll cage and the plastic roof.

Step 3: Place all the Conduit clamps in areas to secure the roof. I did 4 on each side & 3 on the center bar.

Step 4: Drill and attach C-Clamps starting on the center bar then the right and left side. I used bolts, nuts and fender washers on the top with a rubber washer under for water proofing.

Step 5: Drill 4 holes on the front portion to attach to existing holes on front roll bar x member.

Step 6: I heated up the front of the roof with a heat gun and molded it to roll down as a sun visor. Be careful on this step because you can easly melt the plactic.

Step 7: Paint the top of the roof....Sunlight can degrade ABS overtime so a protective coating should be applied.

Turned out great and it is virtually bullet proof! Before I painted it my 160# son stood on top of it with little flex.......I guarantee it will not flap in the wind or blow off while trailering it at 70 mph.

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Very nice work. How well do you think it would handle being transported?
I am pretty confident it won't blow off. It is like a tank with all the bolts and clamps I used.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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