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I Know Turn Signals Again>>>

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Anybody find a great turn signal package with easy DIY install...any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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What I did was order a simple signal tree mechanism designed for dune buggys. It straps onto the steering column.
I ran a couple of flexible motorcycle type lights for the fronts. I mounted them between up near where the roll cage bar passes through the front cowling where I could see them since I wouldn't be able to hear the clicking while motoring.
My first goal was to just blink the taillights but I could never get that to work right. I bought an inexpensive trailer light kit from Autozone and just ran new wires with new bulbs and drilled out the back of the taillights and added the additional lightbulb assemblies.
My blinkers work fine and I have emergency blinkers which a I run full time at night at the dunes for visibility.
I haven't found the best blinker module yet. The one I have blinks the lights faster than I would like which is part of its programming in case a light burns out, for some reason it is sensing a problem even thought there isn't one. If anyone has a blinker module that works good, please let me know.
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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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