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IDEA: Axle Extensions..

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ok, this is a LONG shot..but...heres what i was thinking about. i personally have NO WAY of doing it, but...someone might..

As most of yinz know, and have read OVER and OVER..when installing lifts, its nature of the beast to TYPICALLY need longer axles..Those are expensive, 200-300 bucks each. Ive seen and heard of some tricks to get around this. One is a Washer or stack of washers on backside of wheel bearing to keep axle pushed back in. The other method i read about was cutting the axle and adding a piece of metal between the cuts...personally i dont think id do this method due to rockwell strength in metals and such for axles. Might lead to major failure, but might possibly not hurt it to bad.

Here's what i came up with for SOMEONE to make...bare with me here, might be a totally DUMB idea.

What if...Someone made an axle Extension. By this, im talking about and extension that either A.) Had a Male and Female Spline Pattern that slid over outter most section of the axle, which pushed axle back about an inch or less OR more? and then slid into the hub and was retained in the same fashion as factory axle is retained. ( an axle nut and cotter pin) OR...B.) Basically the same design, but at the other end of the axle, near the diff. They could even make a "pillow block" style design bearing that ya could bolt to the frame or clamp down somehow? This would Actually work better i think?...why?'d be more stable and prevent axle wobble inside the front diff, Prolonging its life. it'd have a good true secure axle shaft rather than the axle itself stressing the internal bearings and sprague cage.

Anyone wanna help discuss this idea? or would doing this actually end up "pre-loading" the diff or wheel bearing to much and cause failure?!
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