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Hello all,

Dan here. I don't really know where to post this here. The only spot that seems to fit gets no traffic, and this seems important enough that I feel we all need to at least be aware of it. So if I bent the posting rules a little, sorry in advance....This is a topic we are all getting tired of hearing about, but if we don't do something about we won't need to buy off-highway toys-we won't be able to use them!

I have talked to a few of you in the last couple of days, some of you wouldn't know me from Adam. It doesn't matter, take a moment to read this.

As the title of this implies, the BLM is in the process of CLOSING MANY TRAILS in the desert surrounding Lake Havasu. They WILL close a LOT of trails UNLESS we act NOW and let our voices be heard.

PLEASE view the links below.

Below is the link to the BLM website.

Read all the info(there is a lot and it's kinda confusing), click on the link at the website that says Four alternative route network maps to view the maps.

I have also forwarded a message sent to me by local Rick Mooneyham, who has been key in getting this issue out into the public light. The local, and even out of state response within the last few days has been great-but the battle to keep your public lands PUBLIC and open has only just begun here-make no mistake!

In Rick's letter, he makes some very good points, and has some good ideas.

Please take a little time, educate yourself on the issue at hand, and on how to EFFECTIVELY make our voices heard so that these trail closures can be kept to a minimum.

I also have a few web links that that contain some first-hand accounts of what has been going on with this issue, some history of the issue(you will want to know this!), what others are doing, and a couple of links to helpful tips for what YOU can do from people who have fought trail closures in the past and WON!

Above all, please keep your cool when dealing with the BLM, the public, or spreading the word. If we come off as irate, yelling and screaming idiots, we will be treated as such. Intelligent, factual arguments will help to keep our desert open to us.

At the very least, you Havasu residents NEED to go to the local BLM office and make an appearance. The office is located on the south end of town across the highway from Terrible Herbst.

There is more info to be found. I have been spending a lot of time trying to sort through all of this. For now, please take a moment and check out these links-

The link below has some EXCELLENT advice on how to write letters to the BLM. The quotes and references are to another trail closure issue in another state and with another agency-but the rules are the same, and the examples given are sound. Please take a few minutes of your time and look this over.

I know this is all a lot of information. I know this all seems overwhelming. I know you are probably thinking at this point-"Screw it! I don't have time for this, let someone else deal with it." I know that is what I am thinking. I have spent the last two days of my time wading through this, meeting with BLM, looking for info, trying to figure out what to do, etc. Rick Mooneyham has not worked in a week, he has been so involved with getting the word out! His wife has spread the word all over town. It is exhausting. BUT DO NOT JUST ROLL OVER AND DO NOTHING!!! If you do, you will see your desert closed to your enjoyment. This is not a joke. Any of you who are familiar with the Off-Highway scene in California will know that not enough people there stood up for their rights, and many, many lands are now closed forever to your enjoyment.

At the very least, write the BLM, and tell everyone you can think of about this. Send this and other e-mails out to your friends!

The buck does not stop at Havasu. If you live in or visit Parker area, Kingman/Lake Alamo area, Tucson, Phoenix, Gila-these and more are all soon to be on the chopping block as well.

Take a minute and send a nice letter to BLM at least. If you have specific experience with that area, let them know about it so that they can hear that someone loves, uses, and cares for a particular trail.

Thanks to all for your help!!


Thank you for your interest in this time sensitive matter. It affects us all, and if “ WE ALL” don't rally, they will act as they see fit. Get active, tell everyone you know to get active as well. We need to petition for the access for each individual trail with the BLM. If you stop by their office, they have maps hanging on the wall in the back behind the fish tank. Look at the map and the proposed closures, and ask how to go about keeping them open, since its PUBLIC land. Then get their forms and address' and let everyone you have contact with know about the closures and what to do. It is very important that any written letters be direct and backed by fact. For example, don't submit letters that say "Keep it all open!" Cause that isn't going to happen, and they will just disregard it.

We must petition each trail individually with sound reasoning to back our choice up. Some examples are, "my family has used this trail to get to our favorite camping spot for 20 years, and there is no chance for trail proliferation from these points as the terrain is too rugged." It will be a major undertaking, I admit, but it must be done, and done before Oct. 31rst. There are also large discrepancies on the map where trails are not listed or logged. This mapping was all done 5 years ago, and they missed alot of existing waterways and trails, that they did not know about. It is our job to present those as well. If you, and yours, can provide GPS tracks and reasons that trail should remain open, that will help also. Getting everyone involved is Key,(bikers, OHV, hunters, campers, jeepers, rock hounds, etc...) Everyone! Also don't limit your contact to or with the BLM, we have contacted the Mayor Mark Nexson, Both Senators, and many other public officials, and they are very willing to help! Use your contacts and imagination, and find people that you think will help, and make them proactive!

More information can be found here:

I will keep my Facebook updated with local discoveries and actions here:!/profile.php?id=100000721207458

We have a general page set up for combined action and general notification here:!/group.php?gid=102908713102446&v=wall&ref=ts

If you don't have a face book account, and don't want one, go here as we will keep it updated as well, and provide links when they are available:

You can research for yourself here: Don’t forget to look at the maps of proposed closures!

Thank you for your assistance in keeping our public lands and freedoms intact.

Rick Mooneyham
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