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In Need of Exhaust Advice !!!!!

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PRC Team,
i have had my 2009 HD since 09 and love the machine. I have been considering an aftermarket exhaust system for the HD for some time now.
My questions are below:

  • Your opinion on the best utility system (brand)?
  • full exhaust replacement or slip on?
  • benefits?
  • cost?
  • Best brand for power(hp)?
  • Best sponsor to purchase from with PRC?
  • Anyone's experience with recommended brand?

I am running DDP clutch set up for low end torque from Dale. I have 27" terra cross tires with a front end replacement bumper and a somewhat heavy metal roof. I do not do a lot of trail riding, just work on my farm with the HD.

I am also interested in replacing my belt as it has never been replaced since new. I have heard a lot of members comment on staying with the stock belt but who is the best sponsor here to order from. Any recommendations would be great. Looks like a lot of dealers are only supplying day co at this time.

Thanks to all for the advice,
Ranger Freak 203
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Exhausts for the 800 and 700 never sound good. Kind of high pitched and annoying. The only cool exhaust for those engines I've heard is the Looney Tuned dual exhaust. It's very loud, and very expensive if they still sell it. The Bikeman exhaust is an annoying high pitched sound, but it and the Looney Tuned are the only exhausts that offer minor HP gains. Slip ons do nothing.
As for buying belts or anything else I highly recomend Fix My Toys. Great service, great prices.
Thanks Curt, as always....... Great Advice!
saving some money now, I will just buy the belt!
still recommending the stock belt?
just wondering, seems a little hard to find without a replacement number by other aftermarket manufacturers.

thanks in advance, j
Are 3211108 and 3211164 the same?
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