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I posted an intermittent starting post on the old forum. My Ranger would run great then a couple of times I couldn't get the starter to kick over. I'd turn the key and it would click once but nothing. I checked the brake switch and the connections under the hood and all was tight. Both times after jostling wires under the hood the thing started again. While scouting for turkeys way off road, it happened again so this time I had no choice and had to follow every line to it's end. Boy was I shocked to see that the battery cable end connecting to the starter was snapped off. It was making intermittent connection due to the red rubber cover holding it in place. More surprising was the fact that the starter post had two of the nuts with the lock flange on it. This leads me to believe that this was broken either at factory or at assembly and instead of changing the cable the culprit tried to tighten it down permanently using two nuts. For about $2.00 I fixed the end and everthing is back to normal. Thought I'd pass it along for the next guy!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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