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Is anyone running an S3 5" lift for a 2013+ 900?

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Hello Members,

Please forgive me if I post anything wrong. I am new to forums and am still trying to figure this out. I bought a 2015 900 a couple weeks ago and would like to go a different route than everyone else in my group. Everyone seems to be running an Outkast forward A-Arm lift. I have my eyes on the S3 5" lift. Does anyone have any input good or bad or photos?

Thank you,

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Something that has been stated in previous lift threads is that there is no way that the lift is a true 5 inches. Catvos makes a 5 inch lift and it has to have longer axles due to a arm drop. From what Ive noticed is the S3 is the same height as Outkast or Backwoods. If you run either of those two, you will NEED after market front axles due to they pivot more than the stock ones. Axle bind is common with the front stock axles and you end up mounting the shocks in the outer holes, leaving you with a rough ride. Pretty sure the same problems with the S3. Something to think about, hope it helps. I have the Outkast, if I had it to do over, I would have done the Super Atv 6
I've seen many S3 5" lifts out on the trails, they all thought I had a 6" lift, I only have a Backwoods Armor 4". The S3 seem to only be a true 3" lift. I know 2 guy that after they bought them they took them off and sold them because the lift wasn't enough. They are a very high quality product and almost always fit perfect!
The S3 Lift is more like the HL 4" but with A arms. I have 2 buddy's that run them and we all have 31" OL and sit the same. One of the lifts is on a Crew so it sits about a 1/2 inch lower. It is not a true 5" more like a 4". But i will say all three of us sit about 1" higher than the BWA kit or Outkast lift. I have had zero complaints with my HL lift with HL forward a arms. I still have all stock axles and the buddy with the crew S3 does to. Its all in how you ride. If you get in a nasty hole and hammer down expect to buy axles if not stocks should be just fine.
Thanks for the info. I am weighing my options. Outkast is local but I've been hearing through the grapevine their customer service is getting a little rough. Everyone I talk to and read about say S3 is second to none in that department. I Think 31's are as big as I want to go. I just don't want to scrub with whatever lift I get.
If Outkast is local, chances are, Backwoods is too! You will find a wide variety of opinions when it come to lifts. BTW where are you from? I'm in Moultrie
I have the S3 5" and love it. Smooth ride and plenty of clearance. I would recommend steering stops or different axles in the front. I havent broken one yet but in reverse at full lock i can hear them click. I started out with rhino rears so not much input there. If you run a true 30" tire exspect the tires to hit bumper in extreme situations. I called them and they assured me it was the rangers poor springs. If they knew that i wish they would have made a spring kit part of the lift package. Oh well. All in all i think its a 8 out of 10. Not sure how to post pictures on here otherwise i would shiw you what i have.
I'm still trying to figure out the picture thing still
I have no issue with my S3 lift, every aspect of it is high quality and Dustin and the crew are great to work with.

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I also have the s3 5" lift on my ranger, been running it now for the past 800 miles. Top quality product and service and does ride great, running 32 mudder inlaws, had rubbed on bumper a bit but trimmed that now. Only have one stock axles left in the back the rest are a mix of cobras and rhinos.

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