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is it possible to hook up both backup camera & backup lights?

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I want to do both of these but since i dont know how they install im wondering if both at same time is possible.
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Its certainly possible , if u wanted them to both come on at the same time you would just wire them to the reverse lights wires. I have considered a back up camera but have yet to see any that I like enough to need it
It's probably doable but quite frankly, I would put them on their own switches and skip using the existing backup alarm wires. More often than not, I need the light in back when it's not practical to be in reverse, and having a rear facing camera would be a cool replacement/addition to a rear view mirror!
I have a reverse beeper connected to the wire but plan on placing another wire for back up camera that can be controlled by switch on dash so I can view camera when I need to ie. traveling on trail and not able to see behind if any one coming I can flick on camera. Main purpose for camera is for baking up into trailer . Just haven't decide how to encase camera yet so doesn't get covered in snow or mud. Any special switches I need t place in this wiring other than a inline fuse.
Yeah, finding a suitable place to mount it would be the tricky part - somewhere protected from the elements and from DUST! They draw very little power so just about any switch will work. If you want the to match your existing switches, go to OTRATTW .
I have a back-up camera on my truck and i am forever cleaning it.
I have a back-up camera on my truck and i am forever cleaning it.
I kinda want a backup camera but I have wondered about this very thing.
I think I'm going to try to fab up something to recess in near/ in the tailgate handle. I haven't decided 100% on this project , I don't want a bunch of screens in my cab ..... Does anyone make an offroad gps unit with a backup sytem in it??
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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