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It finally made it to bahamas ,

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Well, after three weeks and a extortion(duty) fee of $3300 on a $4000 cart my cart is finally here in south Bimini, Bahamas. Found the bogging and what not was due to a dirty fuel pump screen and mud! Thanks for all the help that got this thing up and running! I will have a goom bay smash New Year's Day , To show my appreciation in your name!


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Glad it finally made it. Happy riding bro!:glee::encouragement:
That view makes your new ride look very inviting !
that's awesome!!! enjoy it
Looks a lot better than than the 29 degrees here, congrats
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Extortion is, that's highway robbery......but at least you got it.
Glad it made it ! $3300.00 is not bad, some CA countries want the book price of the UTV in custom fees. The red crew is looking good......
crew looking good congats riders not bad either T&S
you got room for extra riders ?
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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