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Jacked up the Limo..

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From stock 25" to 29.5", '11 500 Crew. 15"ground clearance.
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That looks awesome skulley! How did you do your hood? Is that spray paint?
Thanks man, I used camo plasti dip, with leaves grass and brush from around my hunting lease. It doesn't hold up very good but it gave me a trial run before I do real paint.
Yeah I've tried plasti dip. That was $50 down the drain lol. You should look into a vinyl wrap, cause paint ain't gonna hold up any better
I can just about assure you that unless you have the means to heat cure it, paint definitely won't hold up on these plastics. I'm surprised that the Plasti Dip didn't though. Be that as it may, a good quality vinyl wrap will DEFINITELY do the trick!
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The plasti dip looks great but the first branch that pokes it tears the crap.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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