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John Deere low viscosity hygard hydraulic/transmission oil in a 900 transmission

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Would the John Deere low viscosity hygard hydraulic/transmission oil work as a replacement for polaris AGL oil in a ranger-900 transmission. I know it's used as a replacement in the front differential. thanks
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Personally, I'm running JD HYD fluid in 2 of my 800 transmissions now. I am not running the Low Viscosity type. I think that would be too watery for the transmission.

I think you'd be fine with the regular viscosity Trans/HYD. oil. It's the same oil that JD is running in their 2 speed manual transmissions (similar to polaris) in their UTV's. Keep in mind, I may be doing this on my machines, but I'm also pretty much out of warranty, and won't have polaris looking over my shoulder if something goes wrong... I think regular viscosity oil is fine for the trans, but you'll be using it at your own risk of warranty denial. A safer purchase for you would be to buy Amsoil's gear and chaincase lube for UTV's
Like Kenneth said, would not run the low viscosity stuff in the trans, run the regular viscosity..

Actually, I don't even run John Deere oil, I go to my local farm/ranch supply store, buy a 5 gallon pail of JD spec (JD 20) hyd oil for less than $50 (harvest king is a good brand), and can change the transmission and front diff oil ( I use it in both) for less than $10.

John Deere's oil is way overpriced for my blood, but still a bargain when compared to getting ripped off on polaris oil.
1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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