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K&N under the hood

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I see a lot of you running K&N filters under the hood.
1. On the motor inlet do you remove the air filter?
2. On the clutch inlet. Are you having any overheating troubles?
3. What is the K&N part number that fits that round tube under the hood?
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RU-1770 K&N. Most are taking the factory filter out of the box and leaving the factory filter for the clutch im running the ru-1770 on both with factory filters out.
I'd also suggest running a prefilter with it......
It does help on the low end.
To you guys running the K&N's, do you notice any EFI problems with this filter? Does it cause the engine to run leaner?
I am running the SP ECU and the Dobeck, which gives it more fuel to help offset it, but you are right, on a stock machine it will lean it out.
I'm running the K&N underhood with stock everything else at the moment. I have the Dobeck unit for it but am not sure on what settings to adjust it to. I do not have the manual since this chip was on the rig when I bought it. Its a 2006 XP by the way.
Welcome to PRC. Each machine is a little different. On a stock machine you might want to try something like 3,3,5,5. Just a guess on my part.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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