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Kemimoto Storage Container Review

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I recently had an opportunity to test the kemimoto under the seat storage container.

I installed the container in my 2018 Ranger 1000XP just before Arkansas modern gun deer season started so over the last couple of weeks my ranger has gotten lots of use and the storage container got a thorough workout. Lots of miles on dusty gravel roads and wet muddy woods roads.

This container is well made, fits the opening under the seat perfectly and was easy to install. During the test period it kept all my stuff dry and dust free.

It is also lockable and comes with a nice lock.

One improvement would be to make some sort of quick release method instead of screws. I am looking into that for my use.

I would certainly recommend this product to anyone wanting a nice dust proof water tight storage box.

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How well do you think that would work for a storage container in the bed? I’m not really interested in the lock n ride setups
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