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Since there is enough interest from the board I am starting a seperate post to explain trials and keep track of who might drop by.

Trials is one of the oldest forms of motorcycle competition in which began in England. The motorcycles are very light and quite. It is not a fast sport therefore does not command a large following of spectators. It requires a developed sense of balance above any other two-wheeled sport. Many Trials riders are a natural to jump on a unicycle (including me). Many of your best Motocross riders ride Trials to enhance their balance and throttle control.

The short explanation of the rules are "keep your feet on the pegs". Each rider individually enters a section which has a start/finish gate and has ribbons or flags that he/she must stay inside of forcing them to cross some very interesting obstacles. Every time the rider places a foot on the ground it is one point against them. If they successfully make it through the section the most points they can recieve is three, even if they drop their foot ten times. If they go outside a boundry or wreck they recieve a five. Low score wins. There are a lot of other rules around time allotment and the amount they are permitted to go backwards but low score is the jest of it.

For the ladies that may not be interested in the competition Longenberger Basket headquarters is five miles from our home and the "Homestead" is approximately fifteen.

Here is couple of shots of the "obsticles"

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