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Land Anchor Anyone?

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After installing a new el-cheapo 3500 lb winch off of ebay, I got inspired to build something that will actually help me winch out of a sticky situation since trees around here are few and far between to winch to. Usually the only thing to winch to is a fence post or piece of sage brush if you're lucky.

I got bored and spent 20 minutes using a piece of 1/4 inch wide strap and cut out the shovel end out of an old disc blade. Welded a chain link onto the end, and there you have it. Looked for a good place to put it, and I decided to stick it on the cow catcher where it's available if need be. if you needed to, this is small enough to stick in the bucket under the seat.

This time of year I'm sure I won't be able to actually test it unless it's in a snowbank. In the spring we might see how it works when the ground isn't frozen 5 feet deep.

I suppose with more thought it could have come out prettier, but I think it'll work fine if I need it. Didn't cost anything to build it, so I'm not out anything if it doesn't work.


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Hey its worth a shot !!!!!! A for Effort !!!
In the olden days I used to carry a folding fluke boat anchor, but I never used it because we have lots of trees around here.
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That looks like a scary projectile to me for sure.

Makes me wish I knew how to weld. :(
A for effort. Unfortunately, in our ground composition the anchor depth would need to be t least 12-18" deep
Looks good POS, me I tend to overbuild things, I see you reinforced the shovel with weld maybe run some flat from the handle to the point to keep the shovel from folding.
I thought about running a little strap down to midway across the shovel end, but as small as the shovel is, and it's made out of a cone shaped disc blade. Just about the hardest stuff I know of. If anything happens, it'll rip the strap off of the shovel before the shovel folds.

I just wanted something very light/compact that wasn't going to be in the way of my day to day routine. I may throw it into the bucket under the seat still... I just don't need more weight hanging off of the front.
This technique has been a winner on the tv show Alaska off road warriors. Super jeep has used it several times
Or, you can get a Fortress FX-7 aluminum anchor. Weighs 4.2 pounds and you can disassemble it for easier storage.

@HRTKD - You can weld bro. Watch a bunch of youtube vids, get youself a MIG welder, and have at it. I got into welding about 6 months ago. Wish I had started 30 years ago. But hey, never too late!:glee::encouragement:
This technique has been a winner on the tv show Alaska off road warriors. Super jeep has used it several times
This was the first place I'd seen a land anchor!

What I've built here is nothing like what you can buy. I've winched myself out with "T"posts before, but the problem is I'm not always carrying one of those along, and they're kinda in the way most of the time.

The ranger is such a capable machine it doesn't need much winching to get unstuck usually.
Just saw this yesterday.
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^My Bro In Law made something similar to that, it works well !!
Adam , Thanks for sharing the photo's of the winch anchor.
I will have to fab something together when the weather is permitting.
Thanks for sharing the ideas and pictures guys. I Need to fab something up in the future.
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