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Sorry for springing this on you at the last minute but I have just got home and have just checked my e-mail. I checked it at 3 pm and there was nothing and now this. Donna, the lady that has been a pain in my ass, I mean the one who has arranged the stuff, sent me the things to make sure to bring for the ride. It ticked me off to be honest. I will try and call to make sure you guys read this.

Items needed for the ride:

Helmet, goggles, gloves, boots, pants and a long sleeve shirt. Now, I don't know what the heck she means by boots but I am wearing my hiking boots and that will just have to do. I have everything but the helmet so I guess I will have to go buy one. What a pain in the ass that is going to be to lug on the plane. I am sorry for the extra burden but I am just beside myself right now. Hell, now I am going to have to rearrange everything.[:(!][:(!]
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