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Led headlights

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Hello everyone. I have been watching for LED headlights for our rangers. I saw a youtube on GTR's H13 LED's for the XP900 rangers, not cheap. Noticed more H13 LED's on EBAY. BUT, the GTR's look designed for our rangers. I want to avoid HID's because of wiring, heat, etc. Has anyone tried the GTR's or other LED's? They are twice as bright as stock!
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I have had a set of hids in my 2008 F150 since it was new and I have a set in my ranger. Both are plug and play, one wiring harness. I have never had an issue with heat in either vehicle.
I had LED's on my 800 and HID's on the 900. Both plug and play, no heat or wiring issues with either.
I had the GTRs on my '14 Crew and I loved them. Since they looked almost exactly the same, I used the cheap eBay H13s on my '15 Crew and I can't see a difference. The install was pretty easy and the output is good. They're not as bright as my brother-in-law's HIDs, but it's good enough for me.
Thanks, it looks like HID's are still the best for brightness. My 2014 ranger takes an H13. Can I use any H13 high/low beam kit? Looking at some of the reviews out there, it seems like there is a lot of junk. Any recommendations? I do not mind paying more for quality. Thanks
I have the DDM Tuning HID kit on my ranger. It required a little work for it to go together. For $60.00 it works fine for my ranger. I have an intense HID kit in my F150 and that kit was a breeze to install and cost $120.00 . Both kits are HI/LOW.
Thank you, just ordered a set of DDM's, I will let you know they work.
DDM Tuning was all the rage on the Nissan forums a few years back. Then folks started having problems with them and DDM Tuning - or so I'm told- wouldn't honor the warranty. I never bought anything from DDM Tuning so take my info with a grain of salt.

There was a thread on the forum a few months back that talked about a plug and play LED bulb that would go in the OEM headlight housing. It looked pretty cool and didn't seem to be as expensive at an HID kit and would have been a much easier install. Unfortunately, I can't find that thread but here is one talking about the GTR bulb:
If this is the bulb you are looking at save your $$....absolutely worthless...

I didn't get the $170 one from GTR, these are more of the same knock offs on Amazon/Ebay...I'd bet a nickel that the ones from GTR arent much can buy a lot of light for $170...the reflector housing matters much more than the lumen rating.....
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i built pretty happy with them. Not sure what all would entail in doing it for your machine, or if you'd even be happy, but for what i wanted, man they work great!

Give it a read if ya want...when i bought them they were just under a hundred ya can get them them, im reffering to the Flush Mount Dually LED pods.
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